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First issue! Truth is more brutal than fiction in this 28-page Civil War comic book based on real events by James Curry and Tom Nguyen.

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New reward from Tom Nguyen!
7 months ago – Thu, Sep 14, 2023 at 12:08:43 PM

Howdy Stingers!

In our previous update, I mentioned that Tom Nguyen was putting together an exclusive reward and, before it gets added to the rewards page, we wanted to offer it to you guys first.

The New Deluxe Edition

Tom is offering up a copy of the new Deluxe Edition hardcover collection of the classic (and important) UNDER THE RED HOOD storyline that brought Jason Todd back into Batman's life.  

Which pissed me off because I voted to kill the punk back when I was a kid...but I digress. 

Anyway, Tom has remarked the HC to make it more special/collectible...

Here's the back cover, for good measure

If one of you guys would like this remarked hardcover, we're offering it to existing backers first for $100. It'll go live as a reward tomorrow for $125 if no one grabs it. But if you want to snap it up before that happens, all you need to do is adjust your existing pledge upwards by $100, leave a comment and we'll verify and add it to your account on the back end. First come, first served because there's only one available.

Thanks for reading, gang. Hope everyone is having a fine Thursday and, if you're East Coast-located, feel free to catch me at GraniteCon in Manchester, NH tomorrow through Sunday. I always enjoy meeting New Painiacs in person! You can let me know if you also voted to kill Jason Todd back in the day.

Your bestie,

Keith Champagne

Welcome to Hate Stings!
7 months ago – Mon, Sep 11, 2023 at 08:37:59 AM

SO...hey, guys! Thanks for backing Hate Stings #1 by James Curry and Tom Nguyen. Appreciate your support of New Pain's latest project but I have to admit I'm a little stumped as I begin this update. I like to give the backers of each campaign a nickname; for instance, on Daybreak!, I start each update out with "Daymakers," or on The Switch: Electricia, the backers are affectionately called, "Electricians."

The best I've got for this project so far is "HATERS," which doesn't really project the positive, teamwork-first vibe we like to have, does it? Anyone got any better ideas? Operators are standing by!

If you're keeping track at home, we're just about to start week 2 of the campaign, which is scheduled to run for 3 weeks total. Currently, we're just a bit under 60% funded; not too shabby for one week. I'm sure once the creative team begins to promote the project on their social media, some new faces will join the party and if you guys want to help out by posting a link to the campaign on your social media, you won't hear us complain! In fact, if you tag New Pain or include the hashtag #hatestings, we always try to do something nice in return. 

This morning, a retailer tier was added to the campaign so if you think your local comic shop might be interested in stocking the book on their shelves, feel free to give that fine establishment the hat tip! And I'm told by a reliable source that our beloved Tom Nguyen is cooking up something special that we'll be including on the page shortly. Our current backers will have first dibs on this VERY limited item before the general public gets a chance.

Let's make some noise and hit week 2 hard...ummm...stingers

We can't do it without you, thanks for joining us on this ride.

Your bestie,

Keith Champagne